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Tajweed Advance Course @ Andheri

Tajweed Advance course

Topics Included :

● Level of Gunnah

● Types of Hamzah

● Hazaf

● Types of Idgam

● Level of Tafkheem

● Advance Level Recitation

Only for Sisters

Starting From

By : Qari Shenaz Chopdar
(Ijazah In Qirat From Madinah)

Course Duration 2 Months, Twice a Week Day

Saturday (09:00 am To 10:00 am) And sunday (12:30 pm to 01:30 pm)

At : Islamic information Centre Andheri,
Andheri Bakery Compound, Opp. Surbhi Vada pav, Andheri Station Road Jama Masjid, Andheri (W), Contact :+917045788253


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